Versus Capital is a Registered Investment Advisor, exclusively focused on building and managing multi-manager real estate investment platforms that seek to have low correlation to the broader equity and debt indices. They build these platforms to give individual investors access to institutional real estate managers once reserved for foundations, endowments, pensions and other institutions.

They believe that individual investors should have access to the best institutional real estate managers and that a diverse portfolio that includes institutionally managed, direct real estate investments can offer investors diversification, stable income, inflation protection and attractive risk-adjusted returns. Their goal is to help investors achieve less volatile, long-term portfolio success.

Versus Capital invest with institutional real estate managers that have strong, long-term track records of investing in core, core-plus and value-add real estate. They do not invest in higher risk/return seeking opportunistic real estate funds.


Versus Capital Multi-Manager Real Estate Income Fund LLC, (the “Fund”), is a continuously offered closed-end interval fund, registered under the Investment Company Act of 1940. The Fund is designed to serve as a core real estate holding, providing access to institutional real estate managers and a portfolio of private real estate investment funds. As of 10/1/16 the Gross Asset Value of the underlying real estate in the Private Real Estate Funds in which the Fund is now invested is approximately $100 billion, comprised of 1,160 properties, with weighted average occupancy of 94.3% and weighted average leverage of 24.6%

The Fund utilizes a multi-manager structure and invests with a number of institutional real estate managers that have been screened and approved by the Adviser and Callan. An investment in the Fund enables shareholders to invest with institutional real estate investment managers whose services generally are not available to the investing public due to the high minimum investment requirements (typically between $5 – $20 million) that most manager’s funds typically impose on shareholders.